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Which Gopro Should He Buy?

One of my friends doubts about getting the gopro camera as follows, how can I help him?

"I`m wondering which gopro should I buy? I bmx on dirt/street/wood/snowboard about 3 times a year. I ride bmx a lot and want to have a action camera, but I don't want to buy the hero 2 because of its size and views. I don't want sony or other action cameras else, I just want a gopro. I also want to take lots of pictures; I don't like the hero 1 because you can’t take the camera out."

The Suggestions from Gopro Fans as follows:

1:He don't like a lot of things which should narrow down his choices a lot if ever some still remain. Just take him cash out and buy the most expensive camera he can buy but don't forget about the mounts (helmet and other gopro accessories).

2: Just realize that the GoPro is designed for video only. While it CAN take a still photo, the image quality is very poor, and the fish-eye lens creates a huge amount of wide-angle distortion. So it's recommended that he don't buy it for taking photos.

3: Get the best one, the GoPro Hero 4 Black?

4: Because its his first GoPro, i suggest a GoPro Hero 3+ silver. It produces wonderful video and its not as expensive. Instead of spending a bunch of money on GoPro Hero 4 which is fairly expensive, he should get a cheaper version and spend the money saved on accessories. smatree accessories

5: 4 Silver! You have the built in screen. If you like taking photos you'll need one to frame your shots the way you want. Also with it being built in there's significantly less bulk than have the backpack screen. It's $100 cheaper than the 4 Black and you get the new interface. The old interface was a nightmare!

6: Gopro 4 silver

7: Go pro 4