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Floaty Attached to GoPro

If you use your GoPro in water, dropping your GoPro is probably the worst thing that could happen.Sure, the waterproof case will protect your GoPro, but that doesn’t really matter if it’s on the bottom of the ocean! So the problem comes: which kind of Gopro Accessory can help?

Call it what you want – float, floaty, backdoor float, GoPro life jacket… whatever you like to call it, it’s going to keep your GoPro from sinking and being waterproof!

These adhesive floats will keep your GoPro afloat, no matter what accessory you are using. Stick it to the back of the waterproof case, and never worry about dropping your GoPro again.
Use the floaty with a pole, helmet mount, surfboard mount, our mouth mount, pretty much anything! Use it even if you’re just holding your GoPro with your hand. There’s just no good reason to go in the water without one.


Wake boarding
Water skiing
Wind surfing
Skim boarding
Cliff jumping