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The Best Accessories to Upgrade Your Gopro

      "Have action cam, will travel." That's probably what was going through your mind as you pecked your credit card details in when buying your first GoPro or what have you. In fact, more than any other gadget, the humble action cam craves to be accessorized and adapted for a seemingly unlimited number of applications. If you're thinking it's all just poles and helmet mounts, you're in for a surprise. We've rounded up a bunch of the best that should cover everyone from the weekend warrior to pro film crews. 

  •        Many of the coolest accessories are made for GoPro cameras, and they have a proprietary connector like this one.



  •        As I suggested in the introduction, the second basic item is a monopod. Or, if I must use the word, a "selfie stick." 



  •        We can't explore everything here, but there are some mounts that lend themselves to a wide variety of uses.


  •       I got you want case or bag for above small accessories, do not worry!



       Action cameras like the GoPro Hero line are great for immersing you in sports and other thrilling events. GoPro is expanding its horizons, so for extreme sports aficionado, to choose the best accessories decides their feelings.