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Long Floating Selfie Stick--- Smapole S3

Smatree upholds the Pioneering and innovative spirit, on July 10th they'll launch a brand new selfie stick----Smapole S3.

As we know, Smatree has launched Smapole S1 and S2 that made great achievements in the past time. Smatree designing and developing team firmly hold S3 will arrive a new level.

Here are introductions about Smapole S3:

Multi-functional UseSmapole S3 including two parts, Part 1: A all-aluminum extension pole (12.5"-28"), Part 2: A floatable hand grip (12.5"). Two parts can be used alone, or with them connected together to be a 23.5"-39.5" Sampole S3. So, buy a Smapole S3, you win 3 poles! Smapole S3 suit you perfectly, and meet your needs both in water and on land, in all weather conditions.

Safety and WaterproofThe adjustable strap tightly attach Smapole to your wrist, prevent the Gopro camera from unexpected falling off. Made of High Quality Aluminum & Carbon-fibre Materials, with firmness, safety and favorable waterproof effect. Smapole S3 keep your GoPro cameras floating in the water to discover the beauty of an unknown underwater world.

Convenient Carry: This modular pole could be easily assembled and disassembled. Portable and Convenient to carry around, easily put it in your Smacase G360. Perfect for today's modern travelers, you can't miss it.

Favorable Effect: Multi-angle/group photo-taking with length adjustments from 12.5" to 39.5", Smapole S3 offers a unique perspective for remarkable effect.

So it's amazing for Gopro users to own Smapole S3. No matter where you are, Smatree brings you different feelings!