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Is GoPro Better Than The Camera I Have Now?

The GoPro is not meant to replace your regular camera — it’s meant to be a situational camera. This is because of several qualities it has.

1. Reduce Motion Blur. Whether it’s moving objects or an unsteady hand, any motion whatsoever on a camera usually leads to ugly, blurry, streaked photos. There are options on regular cameras to capture moving objects, but GoPros are actually made to work in motion and during movement.

2. Designed to be Mountable. The GoPros can be held just like a camera, but they also work great mounted on a surfboard, helmet, skateboard, or motorcycle to capture amazing point-of-view images and videos. Many people also like to use an extension pole for their GoPro cameras so that they can take fuller photos of themselves by increasing the distance between the subject and camera.

3. Super Durable. If you were to drop your laptop or phone, you’d probably freak out. This is because we all know that our electronic devices are extremely sensitive and don’t handle drops well. With the GoPro, besides being waterproof, the GoPro is also made to be resistant to all sorts of impact, tumbles, and drops (with that said, GoPros should be the #1 camera for all clumsy folks out there!).

Also, the GoPro is super small, making it easy to carry around or to hold up during your activities. The thing really does fit in your hand.