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Smatree 1290mAh Replacement battery for GoPro Hero4 (Pack of 2) Bundle with 3-Channel charger and USB Cord for Gopro Hero 4 Camera Camcorder


Product Specification:

Model: S-G4
Capacity: 1290mAh
Output: 3.8V
Power: 4.9Wh

3-Channel Charger
Model: S-G4
Input: DC 5V/2A

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Smatree® 1290mAh Li-ion Battery (2-Pack) and 3-Channel Charger for GoPro Hero4.

Longer life - 1290 mAh battery.

With high-tech Japanese cells, rechargeable Li-ion batteries with 1290 mAh for longer battery life equal or exceed OEM batteries.

Save time - 3 channel charger.
Smatree 3-Channel Charger with a mini USB port supports DC power supplies. It can charge 3 batteries for GoPro Hero 4 at the same time.

Smatree batteries and charger are compatible with the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver models.


2 x Smatree Li-ion 1290mah Batteries
1 x Smatree Rapid 3-Channel charger 
1 x USB charging Cord

Compatiable With:

GoPro AHDBT-401
GoPro HERO4 Black
GoPro HERO4 Silver

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4.54(based on 1868 reviews)

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Recent Reviews
  • By jcarafiles

    2014/11/25 9:30:46

    Great Batteries!

    What else can I say? Two slightly higher capacity GoPro Batteries and a charger, for a fraction of the price! They charge fairly fast and they serve as great backups for when your original GoPro Battery runs out. This product is a no brainer, even for the casual GoPro User.

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  • By Bryank930

    2015/1/30 21:46:09

    Solid performers and the ability to charge all of my batteries at the same time!

    The batteries work well and appear to last a bit longer than the stock gopro battery. I really like the charger. Now I'm able to charge all of my batteries at the same time from a single USB connection.

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  • By gigglez916

    2015/2/17 6:28:06

    Awesome batteries and charger!

    If you're looking for extra batteries for your GoPro, well, you've found them! These batteries are great. With the charger, you can charge three batteries at once (the two here and the one that came with your GoPro). If you have an extra power adapter laying around, like one for your smartphone or something, you can plug this right in and it'll charge. If you're on the go, plug it into a USB power bank if you've got one. Any way, you'll have plenty of power with these batteries.

    -Price. 2 batteries, a charger, and a USB cable all for the price of 1 original GoPro battery? Win.
    -Power. So far so good. Haven't died early on me yet and still holding charge.
    -3 bay battery charger. Why charge only 1 battery when you can keep all three charged! These batteries and the original GoPro battery fits snugly in these bays. Lights up green when charged.

    -None really.

    Note: These batteries have a more square-ish edge compared to the original, but it'll fit inside the camera just fine.

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  • By leonte vlad

    2015/10/10 17:57:58

    Perfette per la mia GoPro Hero4 Black

    Batterie utilissime, pratiche da caricare, e durano anche più delle originali!!! Per non parlare del prezzo, la metà della originali, ottimo acquisto. Sono più che soddisfatto.

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