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Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating Carbon Fiber Hand Grip for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session,Action Cameras


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US UPC: 701056740543

EU UPC: 712322162099

CA UPC: 701056734467

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Smatree Floating Hand Grip - SmaPole F1

SmaPole F1 keeps your GoPro afloat when be submerged in water. It can well protect your cameras and makes you easily shoot the wonderful world in or around the water.


Length: 8.6 inch

Diameter: 1.1 inch


1 x SmaPole F1

1 x Black Plastic Screw

1 x Ajustable Wrist Strap

Keep your cameras floating in the water to discover the whimsical beauty of an unknown underwater world.

SmaPole F1 made of carbon fiber material and lightweight aluminum for durability, solidity.

The adjustable strap tightly attach SmaPole F1 to your wrist, prevent unexpected falling off during using.


Fixed aluminum tripod mount with a built-in nut to ensure security, never mind about losing it.

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  • By liukas321

    2014/11/18 6:06:16

    Bright colour needed

    To my understanding floaties are designed for people who are more or less afraid to lose their cameras in the water. As such, I would suggest adding a bright-coloured segment to the pole so it could be easily seen in the water (or elsewhere).

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  • By devin37354

    2014/11/19 7:06:22

    I agree with bright color

    My only suggestion for this device is a bright color on at least part of it in case you drop it and it floats to the bottom. I would also suggest to include different types of wrist straps with it.. Maybe also include a neoprene wrist strap for scuba diving? Keep the current strap as well because I would use a device like this for dual purposes.. I would use it in and out of water but it would be nice to have a strap for water usage..

    Those are my ideas! :-)

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  • By pmihalevich

    2014/11/19 20:48:43

    color options would be a plus

    The product looks great, color options would be a huge plus. It does look taller than other float poles and has a smaller diameter which is great. My only hope is that it will fit in the smaller smatree cases.

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  • By sev_die

    2014/11/19 23:24:52


    Great product! But I would add some kind of griptape! So it stays in your hand safely.

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