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Smatree SmaPole Q1 Extendable Selfie Stick / Monopod for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session / for Compact Cameras

Smapole Q1

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Smatree SmaPole Q1 Extendable Selfie Stick / Monopod for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session / for Compact Cameras


Flexible tripod head can be adjusted to 360 degree rotation for different best angles shooting

Easy to use.

Simply twist counter clockwise to release, choose your desired length, and twist clockwise to lock

Have fun in your shooting.

Selfie Pole allows quick length adjustments from 11.8″to 36.6″, and it can produce the optimum shooting effect


  • The specific mount can be removed to reveal a standard 1/4" mount compatible with other compact cameras, fits for GoPro cameras / 1/4" thread compact cameras

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4.56(based on 221 reviews)

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  • By SaiTheGoProGuy

    2015/3/4 14:13:44

    Well made! Pleased

    This is a great accessory for any gopro user. The material is this light weight aluminium and every time you extended it there was no wobbling or loose fixing. Quality wise it passed my inspection. I even flung it around to make sure nothing came loose and it passed with flying colors. I used it while riding my longboard down a street and didnt find it to be heavy or anything. Worked will with me on the long board and it fully extended out. Looks very nice and profession. When fully compacted, its no bigger than a water bottle which I LOVED. The rubber grip is a very nice addition. I do wish it was slightly heavier but that is just a personal opinion.

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  • By Ff_ryan

    2015/3/21 11:27:50

    Excellent pole

    I've always been skeptical of these twist lock poles. I've been concerned that they wouldn't actually hold their position well, but this pole does a great job. I've set it and flung it around some to really test it out and it does great. The adjustable swivel mount can be challenging at times to get the camera straight, but it is a nice feature to get the angles that you're looking for. The rubber handle on it also has a lot better feel to it than the foam handle that is on another pole I own. I do wish the wrist strap had an adjustable tightener though. Have not tested this pole in the water yet, but plan to and will update later.

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  • By darrellupatree

    2015/3/21 18:37:46

    excellent compact pole

    excellent light weight selfie pole.
    when unextended the pole is very short and will fit in most small rucksacks or even women's hand bag. The rubber handle is very grippy and is moulded quite far up the first pole. The pole extends to any desired length between minimum and maximum and locks in place so the length is fully customisable. When fully extended there is no wobble from the pole it self (with a gopro hero 4 black edition). The camera attachment features a metal ball in a cup which can be rotated 360 degrees and locked in any position with a small locking handle on side of head, there is also a notch cut out to allow the camera to be angle looking down the length of the pole back towards the handle. as well as the ball/cup adjustment there is also a lockin screw which allows another 360 degree rotation of camera which allows for more free reign of camera angle/adjustment.
    The main point of attachment for the camera is plastic unlike the s2 etc but is replaceable.
    my only concern is the strength of the lanyard as it's quite thin and with some wear and tear could fail if camera was dropped and you were relying on lanyard preventing you losing pole and camera, lanyard also isn't adjustable so can't be tightened to hand. But after raising concerns with smatree it is something they are already looking at changing so no problems with future models.
    finally there is a screw attachment on base of pole to allow fitment of a tripod set of legs.

    All in all great pole for the less extreme filming/photographing

    Hope this helps

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  • By MonteStella

    2015/3/31 1:10:51

    Smatree SmaPole Q1 Review

    This extending pole is really useful! Of course, you can use it as a selfie pole, but you can also use to to get shots that would be really hard or impossible. Hold it way overhead to get a crowd shot to represent a busy event like a festival. Always try to convey your setting as part of a portfolio. You can use it to reach to high places to get close to an interesting object. Brace the base of the pole to your hip to steady the shot. Doing this and point to yourself. Then, rotate yourself to create a special video clip with yourself looking stationary, but the background moving!

    Though the pole extends almost a meter, use it for panoramas. A suggestion to Smatree: add a small, rubber foot that attaches to the handy 1/4x20 thread on the base. This will be a solid anchor for steadying any shot. But, have the rubber bumper part rotate freely even though it is fully captured to the attachment. This way, the rubber will keep the base from wandering, but since it rotates, your panoramas will be far more in-ine and stable.

    Other good designs: rubber handle for solid grip, lightweight aluminum pole (even with GoPro, the total weight is easy to handle), no latches to unlock and lock to extend length (just twist), ball joint head with positive clamp, and 1/4x20 thread on base to add to another pole or a tripod.

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