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Smatree SmaPole S1 All-aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session

15.8″ - 40.5″

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UPC: 605683306892

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  • By Handyman49424

    2014/11/20 6:42:27

    A great option to use on our motorcycle

    My wife and I ride all over the state of Michigan on our motorcycle. we love using our Gopro for taking video and pic and with this pole we can get even better shots from some great angles. plus it shrinks down to a nice size to carry.

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  • By vericovsky

    2014/11/24 16:36:31

    Good to use

    I use this product with skiing today. Light weight, easy to lock, and strap is very useful. There is only one cons for me. Grip is relatively thin for grabing with ski grove but acceptable. It is good for bare hands.

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  • By Madman523

    2014/11/27 6:19:48

    works very well

    light weight an easy to use, an the construction is very well built compared to the others ive looked at .
    the shot angles that can be achieved are just amazing depending on what you are doing of course

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  • By jcarafiles

    2014/12/11 1:23:25

    Great Pole!

    It is a very well built pole. A must have accessory for any GoPro user. Smatree did a great job of designing this for a consumer. It utilizes functionality, lightweight design and ease of use. When fully extended, the pole remains very sturdy. The build quality is really second to none. I just wish this came with a tripod attachment. Other than that, I recommend this item.

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  • By inflictedphotography

    2014/12/16 16:45:58

    great hands on review

    Check out this great hands on review

    You may need to copy the link and paste it in your browser if your not able to click it

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  • By Go Rogue

    2014/12/18 22:28:29

    Purely Awesome

    Used this EXTENSIVELY at San Diego Zoo and Sea World. What's awesome is that it allowed me to get a much closer view than I could just standing by the fence, behind large crowds of people. I'd also us it to get shots above the crowd so we could see (at a later time) what was going on. The S1 added recording options we didn't have before.

    Oh- I also use the S1 to check the gutters and any roof fascia and shingle issues that need to be addressed before winter and the rainy season.

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  • By Tinfoot


    Tight Locking Action, Using a 1/4" Screw Adaptor for Other Cameras, and Water Wings Make a Floating Pole

    I have actually looked at a bunch of other monopod poles, especially the 1, 2 star reviews, and I must say Smatree's SmaPole avoids all those construction issues.

    One of the biggest complaints of various poles is the camera joint usually being of sub-par quality, either not locking down fully or just being wibbly-wobbly altogether. Not so here! The tightening action is spot on at every point.

    The grip is comfortable, and the two extender sections stable. If you put on a 1/4" screw mount adaptor, you can even use it for other cameras/camcorders, and this holds up just as firm even with the usually heavier/off-balance weight distribution of traditionally designed camcorders.

    As for floating it in the water... well, nothing that a couple cheap floatation water wings around the pole can't change. The interior does retain a bit of water, but a quick wash down with fresh water and a drip-dry, it's fine.

    -- I received this as a complimentary review product with the aim of hopefully elucidating features and drawbacks that may help you ultimately decide what fits your needs and budget best.

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  • By Dr. Bojan Tunguz


    Solid Photography Accessory for GoPro Cameras

    I am not much into shooting selfies (I've taken just a couple so far), but I am a big fan of camera mounts, stands and accessories. I enjoy making unusual and hard-to-pull-off shots. This lightweight and well designed extender pole has so far helped me make several very interesting and cool shots.

    The pole is made of well machined aluminum alloy. It is very lightweight and compact, so it's very easy to carry around. In its completely folded state it can fit inside a small camera bag, so it's a very convenient photography accessory to have - you don't have to debate too hard weather to take it with you. The pole consists of three extendable parts, and they can be adjusted so they extend incrementally from the shortest setting to the longest.

    Unlike several other such camera poles, this one is exclusively made for the GoPro cameras, thanks to its unique attachment mount. The pole comes with a couple of small tools that will help you attach your GoPro camera very securely and safely. you an never be too cautious when using your precious small action camera, and these tools help with getting an extra peace of mind. I just wish that this pole would also come with a generic little clip for other action cameras - I have a Polaroid Cube camera and would love to use it with this pole without having to buy yet another clip.

    Another thing that I wish is that the handle of the pole featured a tripod mounting screw socket. That could enable you to mount this pole onto a tripod and thus greatly extend its maximum height.

    This is overall a very well made product that is very versatile and works as advertised for its many purposes. Highly recommended.

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  • By Jennifer Yuan


    This pole goes the extra mile!

    Right out of the box you can feel the quality of this Gopro pole. The construction is tight and you can shake it with no rattles or noise, and since the pole is aluminum, there's no flex in the body while keeping the pole very light. The twist locks for both tiers are simple and easy to use, only about a 1/4 turn to loosen and tighten with the rubberized knobs. At the tip, the Gopro mount is also made of aluminum and is fixed to the pole with a permanent nut, so losing or fumbling with the nut will not be an issue. The pole alone would have warranted a 5 star review, but included are two extra screws, one stock plastic screw and a blue anodized aluminum screw. The aluminum screw has more of a knob style handle to it, which i prefer immensely to the four lobe style of the stock screws. Also included is the Smatree aluminum tightening tool, which works with both the stock screw and the Smatree aluminum screw. The pole and the extras make this a great value and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a Gropro pole.

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  • By Camoko


    This is exactly what I needed!

    Smatree's S1 pole is compact enough to put in a backpack or in my case, a beach bag, yet fully extended to 40" you get perfect shots close to the ground or up in the air. I chased my dog around the yard with my GP on ground level... The pole itself is very well made. The locking mechanism is simple and therefor just works. There is no wiggle or play even fully extended. The handle is covered in foam and even my wife with her small hands did not have a problem holding it secure and it is comfortable with my big hands as well. The only thing I noticed was that the pole fills up with water if submerged and you can hear the air escaping on the camera. took us a moment to figure out where that noise was coming from. Not really a problem since what else are you gonna hear under water anyways. Overall a great product and well worth the price. The extra aluminum thumbscrew and the wrench are an added bonus. I love those screws. Definitely on my next to get list. Thank You to the guys at Smatree for another great product.

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  • By M. Erb


    Excellent quality, lightweight & strong aluminum alloy, smooth sliding adjustable length poles

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  • By Jesse Hunter


    The Best GoPole on the market!!!

    This is the best "GoPole" you can own! It is super lightweight, extremely adjustable, and all around the most portable GoPole I have owned. Over the past few years of owning multiple different GoPros and many many many different accessories, I could say I am a GoPro Expert (Well Almost). Most GoPro owners like myself LOVE all the attachments that have been coming out, but they all get so pricey. We resort to making our own attachments, and finding other brands besides the name brand "GoPro" attachments which are not always the most portable/functional, but the most stylish I could say. This is my second Smatree purchase and once again I am super satisfied with the product. The quality has blown any DIY GoPole I have ever made. I also was surprised they added multiple thumb screws and their Smatree screw with the wrench boy wrench for tightening or unscrewing a tight screw. All for $40! I can say that I have definitely have blown more than $40 on all my DIY gopole so I would recommend this high quality, lightweight, extending GoPole to anyone! I can't wait to buy more SmaTree products.

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  • By J. Robertson


    First impression is that it is a good investment

    First impression is that it is a good investment. Solid feel. Smooth action.

    Surprisingly stout. I was a little worried the twist locks might be a bit of a hassle but are actually very easy to use and control wobble nicely.
    Reasonably compact. Smaller in diameter than I was expecting and short enough lengthwise to easily fit in a backpack.
    Overall construction is solid and has some well thought out details. Built-in nut at the head so you can't lose it. Head is aluminum so I have no worries about it breaking off. Padded wrist strap should be more comfortable around water and has a sliding bead to keep it on the wrist. Included metal thumbscrew wrench is nice to have when you really need to clamp it down. Internally structured to prevent the pole from rotating around the long axis. (i.e. no worries about the camera rolling over sideways.)

    None specific.

    Other thoughts:
    To use this with anything other than a GoPro, you will need an adapter.
    Materials appear such that it shouldn't have any problems around saltwater.

    Overall feels like a good purchase. No regrets here. Would recommend to a friend.

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  • By Jesse Bayer


    Top notch product!

    On first opening impression it's very well put together, solid pole (not loose or shaky) the twist locks have a nice rubber texture to them and seem tight. You don't have to unscrew them just a simple 1/2 twist and it's open or closed. At full 40" extension it's solid and still feels light weight enough to hold out and carry around as you do your activity of choice.
    The aluminum mounting point and integrated nut are great both for strength and not having to worry about loosing the nut. If you take a fall you don't have to worry about breaking the mounting tabs on the pole. The nut is welded on and not press fit in so it will never fall out or get pushed out when inserting the thumb screw. It has a solid foam grip, better than most I have felt or tried and it would work great with gloves. It comes with an adjustable wrist lanyard so if you do loose your grip you won't loose the pole.
    Included in the package was also TWO replacement long thumb screws one blue aluminum SmaTree and one stock plastic like on the GoPro as well as an aluminum wrench that fits both the plastic and aluminum thumb screws.
    The included wrench would work great when waring gloves or when your hands are cold up on the mountain when skiing or snowboarding.

    I would recomended the SmaPole S1 to anyone looking to pick up a strong, light weight, extendable pole.

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  • By Jore


    SmaPole S1 Is A Hit

    After a weekend of use, I'd have to say that the Smatree Smalpole S1 is on-par with the other great products that Smatree has for the gopro.

    * Aluminum mount
    * Soft/Foamy Grip
    * Very lightweight
    * Locking mechanism appears very durable
    * Packaging was 5-star. All parts were separated and neat

    * Wish it collapsed to a smaller size. Making a version of the Smapole that was 10"-25", as an example, I think would give users options.

    The GoPro is mounted very easily. You have the choice of using a blue or black screw, which is awesome for Smatree to provide those choices in the first place. The aluminum mount something you don't see on other poles. Plastic mounts tend to break easily if you over tighten. The pole is very light-weight and even my 1 year old daughter can handle it with a gopro attached. The wrist strap is a good length and can fit around even bigger hands (like mine). There are complaints of some poles (not the smapole) where the end of the pole where the wrist strap is connected is popping off due to extreme usage or perhaps poor workmanship. I think only time will tell if that happens to this pole. The pole is waterproof and had no problems extending/collapsing after taking it under water a handful of times. The grip is soft and easy to handle. Again only time will tell, however, how the grip stays soft/durable after a long period of use. The pole locks lock and unlock the pole well. The only thing is if someone was to turn it more than the recommendation, you can damage the locking mechanism so that is one thing a user has be very careful about.

    Overall, this pole is worth the money compared to other poles in this price range (gopole, san marco, goscope, etc.). A couple I've actually purchased and returned. The big plus is Smatree already makes gopro accessories so they know everything there is to know about a gopro user. The Smapole S1 was made with a gopro user in mind. Some future versions I'd like to see perhaps a smaller extension option, an attached tri-pod mount, and different color variations with the wrist strap (at least black). Definitely recommend!!

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  • By Garrett Leslie


    Excellent Telescopic Pole

    I've had the SmaPole S1 for about a week now and it has been great. The pole arrived in a nice box that included the pole, two screws (one blue aluminum, one black plastic) and a wrench. The SmaPole S1 is extremely sturdy, even when fully extended. I was a little worried about the end of the tether being secured, but I have pulled on it quite hard and it has held up perfectly. The pole extends very easily with only needing to turn the tightening knobs less then 1/4 turn. The tightening knobs are coated in rubber, which makes tightening and loosening very easy. Once tightened the pole doesn't move at all . The handle is covered in a durable foam grip for better handling and comfort. My first thoughts were that the handle was a bit too thin. I felt like something a little thicker would be easier to get a good hold on, but after using it more I feel the size is fine.

    The mount on the top of the pole is aluminum alloy built right on to the pole. It looks and feels very durable. With it being alloy, I had a hard time tightening my GoPro to the mount without the camera slipping a little bit, which brings me to the next best thing...the aluminum screw and wrench that were included. This is one of the greatest things to be included. I think I will buy a few more of these screws. The screw is a metallic blue color, as is the wrench. This screw will now be my go to screw for any mount as I love the color and the durability. The wrench allows me to really tighten the GoPro so it doesn't slip. It's very light weight and will fit the original GoPro screws as well. The threads are built into the mount so you don't have to worry about stripping the threads or losing the nut.

    Overall, this pole is extremely durable. I'm impressed with the quality and it comes with a lifetime warranty. This will be a pole I recommend to everyone and take with me when I need a pole. Great Product!

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