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Smatree Double Suction Cup Mount with Greater Suction Power for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session / for Compact Cameras

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UPC: 701056717057 (US)
UPC: 701056758630 (CA)

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  • By bcharlow

    2014/12/16 11:06:30

    Great and only one suggestion

    This is a really nice little piece of gear for mounting to flat surfaces. As with all Smatree products, it's well designed, elegant, functional, sturdy, and even the packaging is neat!
    There are several nice design touches: the integrated nut on the tripod mount, easy to use and sturdy levers to activate suction, a ball head that really works and can be tightened down to hold fast, the integral extension arm.

    I like the double suction cup design. Even though the individual cups are smaller than the single cup OEM version, the total area is more than sufficient. They hold incredibly well - very solid mounting. In fact, having one extra cup just might save your camera if the other one ever comes loose, and suction cups can come loose if the seal isn't quite perfect.

    Just be aware that this unit is not like some other doubles on the market in that it will not work on curved surfaces. Smatree confirms that it wasn't designed for curved surface mounting, just flat smooth planes.

    So my one suggestion is to permit the individual suction cups to move enough to accommodate curved surfaces as well. You can install them so they can pivot slightly to this end. Then this unit would be perfect!

    Smatree has yet another winner in their product line!

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  • By devin37354

    2014/12/5 21:53:11

    Looks Great

    My biggest suggestion is to go ahead and include the cell phone mount and gopro mount in the same package.. This might already be the plan but it looks like the design page has them listed separately.. The more attachments that can be provided in one package greatly improves the value..

    The design of the product looks amazing though!! Can't wait for this to be released

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  • By bcharlow

    2014/12/5 21:56:13

    Love that you're considering this

    This is a great upgrade on the Gopro OEM single suction mount system for two reasons: double the suction power and the standard camera screw mounting built into the system. The OEM systems often require yet another adapter to get that universal camera screw, which adds instability; you built it right in. I've had the Gopro mount fall off my kayak twice (though it holds fine most of the time), making it untrustworthy for using it with a boom of any length. You have doubled the suction power, plus that adds one more point of strong contact in case one seal breaks. Great idea!
    I suggest testing it out well on not perfectly slick surfaces and doing whatever is necessary to make that a non-issue.
    I also suggest testing it out with a longer extension (you make poles, so you can do that very easily with some of yours) and greater weight than the Gopro 4 Black. Then do whatever you need to strengthen it to hold against that leverage. Also make the thumbscrew joints as strong and tightenable as possible, as that's where load pushes the limits of some mounting systems like this.
    Great job, keep going - and let me know when you want a tester.

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  • By devin37354

    2014/12/5 21:56:31

    One other suggestion

    I would also include a tether location :-) A lot of us that use suction mounts like this on a car, also tether it down with a steel cable just as extra precaution.. Looks like the mount will hold great itself though!

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  • By ofily

    2015/5/1 20:53:21

    Highly recommended!!!

    Very strong! Very stable!
    Install on the hood of the car and just drive!

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  • By flyjar

    2015/9/24 3:37:43

    Well designed product - 4.5 stars

    I wasn't planning on getting one of these for my GoPro, but then Smatree asked me to test it out for a honest review. Wow, I'm glad I did. This device is quite nice. It clamps on very securely and it's very easy to maneuver the camera into most positions. It's also very easy to remove the suction cups. It's easy to remove because of the design not because it doesn't stick well. I've actually used it instead of the tripod in a few situations. The two suction cup mounts are nice because if one did fail you still have the backup, but this is also my complaint because it takes up a lot of surface area. I was going to use this in the car on the windshield but blocks a little too much on my window. I'm not brave enough to mount it to the outside of my car yet. I'm very please with this product and glad I got to test it out. 4.5 stars

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