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What people are saying about us…


GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT QUALITY!! my favorite part it about it is you do not need to use any tripod adapter for it, you attach the GoPro directly to the pole, you do not feel the weight of the camera on it at all, some poles will have the camera spinning around but not this one, very happy with this product and would purchase it agian.

Timothy J Schill

Smatree makes the best Gopro case! What a great little case! Surprisingly roomy inside, very secure, well designed and well built. I’m thrilled!This is way better than cramming my equipment into a tool box, safer for the camera, much easier to organize. I can’t say enough about this Smatree product. Looks great too.

Bart A. Charlow


Exceeded my expectations! The batteries are equal to or better than the battery that came with the camera. Gopro battery fits well in charger, and charges without issue. An unexpected feature is a USB port in the bottom of the charger, which allows you to charge the camera while both supplied batteries are charging.

Vincent Hamilton

Case is very nice for the price. Hard Plastic outside, water seal around the lip, seems tight sealing. Foam cuts inside may not be perfect fit, but close enough. Mine also came with the foam wrong side down, no big deal just flipped it over and was good to go. Does everything I wanted!

Jordan J.